Business card for business expenses.

Whether you’re paying for online advertising, booking a flight for your business trip, reserving a hotel room, or paying for a dinner with your business partner, with your YuroPay business card, you’ve got it all.

  • Up to two business cards per user possible
  • Contactless payment thanks to NFC chip
  • Secure online payment with 3D-Secure
  • Welcome to many acceptance points worldwide

Equip your employees with their own business card

  • Each employee can get up to two independent cards.
  • Embossing of the company name and name of the cardholder on the card.
  • Each card can be loaded individually with any amount.
  • The unused credit can be unloaded again.
  • Complete card management via the Business Web Portal

Card in your own design

You want to equip your employees with a card in your company design?

With our co-branding program, we offer you the right solution. Starting with an order of 1,000 cards, you can customize your own card and bind your employees even more closely to your company.

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