Business Fees & Limits

Account opening fee – for Freelancerfree
Account opening fee – (non refundable) for EU/EEA companies250,00 EUR
Account maintenance fee (monthly)10,00 EUR
Dedicated German IBAN maintenance fee (monthly) – payable annually in advance10,00 EUR
Transfer within YuroPay accounts0,50 EUR
SEPA transfer (up to 1,000 EUR)1,00 EUR
SEPA transfer (from 1,001 EUR to 10,000 EUR)3,50 EUR
SEPA standard transfer (over 10,000 EUR)5,00 EUR
SWIFT international transfer (up to 2,000 EUR)15,00 EUR
SWIFT international transfer (2.001 EUR – 20.000 EUR)35,00 EUR
SWIFT international transfer (over 20,000 EUR)50,00 EUR
Incoming SEPA payments (up to 1,000 EUR) 0,50 EUR
Incoming SEPA payments  (from 1,001 EUR to 500,000 EUR)3,00 EUR
Incoming SEPA payments  (over 500,001 EUR)on request
Load via card (VISA and Mastercard)3,50% – min. 2,50 EUR
Load via SOFORT2,00% – min. 1,00 EUR
Incoming payments
max. dailyunlimited
max. weeklyunlimited
max. monthlyunlimited
Outgoing payments
max. daily70.000 EUR
max. weekly350.000 EUR
max. monthly1.000.000 EUR
max. Amount per transaction
Transfer to another YuroPay accounts5.000 EUR
SEPA payments70.000 EUR
SWIFT payments70.000 EUR
Card issuing fee incl. shipping9,90 EUR*
Annual Card fee (every annual anniversary)29,00 EUR
POS intra and interregionalfree
ATM withdrawal fees5,00 EUR
Cash advance through POS at Banks10,00 EUR
Unique transactions & payments (Amounts < 1,000 EUR)1,00 EUR
Unique transactions & Payments (amounts > 1,001 EUR)2,50 EUR
PIN sent through SMS1,00 EUR
PIN block/unblock through web portal1,00 EUR
FX fee3,50%

*Shipping only possible within the EU. The fee also applies to the issuance of a new or replacement card..

POS and online
max. transactions daily20
max. transactions weekly45
max. transactions monthly135
min. amount per transactionnone
max. amount per transaction5.000 EUR
max. daily10.000 EUR
max. weekly20.000 EUR
max. monthly30.000 EUR
max. annually60.000 EUR
max. transactions daily10
max. transactions weekly15
max. transactions monthly40
amount per transaction10 EUR
max. amount per transaction500 EUR
max. daily5.000 EUR
max. weekly10.000 EUR
max. monthly20.000 EUR
max. annually60.000 EUR
Chargeback handling – per chargeback25,00 EUR
Bank reference letter30,00 EUR
Bank reference letter (urgent – within 3 days)70,00 EUR
Account Statement provided in printed format (per month)30,00 EUR
Account Statement provided in printed format (urgent – within 3 days)70,00 EUR
Information provided in printed format to other third parties70,00 EUR
Inactive/Dormancy fee (see note 1)10,00 EUR
Cancellation/Termination fee (see note 2)70,00 EUR
Fee for rejecting a transaction20,00 EUR
Processing of payment order due to missing or incorrect data20,00 EUR
Negative fee (Chargeable if account is not restored within 5 working days)20,00 EUR
Refund fee for transferring funds to the beneficiary*on request

Note 1 – An administrative fee will be debited per month if the Account is inactive or dormant for more than 6 months.

Note 2 – ayable on termination of account within the first 12 month unless 
termination is the result of changes to T&C which are unfavorable to client

* plus any applicable third party bank’s charges

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