Full control and freedom with just one card.

  • Worldwide acceptance

    Accaptance at millions of shops, restaurants, petrol stations and online

  • Ideal companion

    Anytime and anywhere access to your funds

  • Comfortable and versatile

    Chip/PIN and contactless transactions

  • Security for online purchases

    3D-Secure enabled for secure online shopping

Worldwide cash withdrawals

You can use your YuroPay card to withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide where Mastercard is accepted.

One card, two options – the choice is yours.

a) Connected to the private account (debit)

Connect your YuroPay card directly to your YuroPay private account. Once you initiate a payment with your card, the amount will be debited directly from the balance of your online private account.

A card loading is not required if you chose this option.

b) Connected to a separate sub-account (prepaid)

For the security enthusiasts here is the option to go for!

Your YuroPay card can be connected to a sub-account. In this case you first need to load your sub-account with the desired amount. When deciding for this option you have to understand that you cannot exceed the amount you have loaded to your sub-account. The balance of your sub-account (card) can be unloaded back to your YuroPay private account via our web portal at any time.

We are quite confident that this is an outstanding feature not offered by any other prepaid-card provider.

The YuroPay instant issue card

The YuroPay “instant issue card” is a card that has already been issued “without” a name on the card. The full card function is still guaranteed and does not defer from the regular card provided by YuroPay.

The “instant issue card” is shipped within 24 hours and can be activated via the web-portal of the YuroPay private account and used INSTANTLY once purchased.

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